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  • 2017 Star Wars 3rd Degree – A Study in Archetype, Legend, Moral & Myth [CASTING CALL] (8/31/2017)

    Casting for our Star Wars A Study in Archetype, Legend, Moral & Myth is going GREAT! But…we do need some help. I’m putting out this casting call for the following roles!

    Plo Koon/Junior Warden
    Obi Wan/Senior Deacon
    Imperial Guards/ Junior Deacon and Tyler
    Stormtroopers/ S & J Stewards
    Count Dooku/1st base –(thinking Jack Rose would make an awesome Count Dooku)
    Darth Maul/2nd base
    Han Solo/ 1st fellow
    Lando Calrissian/WFM

    We will also need help with stagecraft, costume, lighting, special effects, and props. Cause, we need very good light sabers!

    Please email me at

    May for Force be with you!

    Masons of California



    The Masons of California is producing an exciting video to help raise money for our Grand Lodge charities. We’d love your participation!

    We are looking for members and friends of members who would like to participate in the video as extras and actors. We will base our selection on your occupation and location. If you have acting experience, we are especially interested in your participation.  Participants of all ages are encouraged and welcomed — participants DO NOT need to be masons.

    If you or your friends, significant other, or children would like to be considered as part of the cast for this video, please submit a photo of yourself and/or a video introduction (iPhone selfie) saying, “Hello I’m Jack Smith, and I’m a mason ready to heed the call.”  You may also include your social media profile, if you are not able to submit a photo or video.

    Please submit your selfie photo or video to: Please submit no later than September 4, 2017.

    Be sure to include:

    • all your contact information, including phone number and address
    • age
    • occupation
    • work address
    • special talents you may have that could be considered, such as musician, singer, model maker, surfer, athlete, etc.

    Important dates:

    We will be shooting the week of September 18, 2017, likely on September 20 and 21 at Santa Monica-Palisades Lodge in Santa Monica. You will need to be available for a minimum of 4 hours on our shoot date and may need to be available for prep time before hand as well.

    Please submit your selfie photo, video, or social media profile to: Please submit no later than September 4, 2017.

    Thank you,

    Grand Lodge of California


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  • Think About It (July 2017) (7/30/2017)

    Shortly after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris in January, 2015, a law professor at Vanderbilt published an opinion piece in the daily newspaper, the Tennessean. In it, criticism of Islam was expressed and closer monitoring of that religion in the United States was suggested. That article led to the students at Vanderbilt asking that the professor be suspended or subjected to sensitivity training. The chancellor expressed sympathy for the students and offered counseling to any of them who were substantially offended by the professor’s “dangerous ideas”.

    While that immediate protest died down, last November the students disagreed with comments on the professor’s website and Facebook page and circulated a petition describing the professor as a person of hate who took it out on minority students, saying in part that these “hate-filled prejudices negatively impact…our student body and Vanderbilt’s reputation”.

    Peter Kirsanow is a lawyer and a former member of the US Commission on Civil Rights and National Labor Relations Board. He is also a regular contributor to National Review Online, where he noted that the professor had two afflictions, “speaking plainly and not suffering fools or foolishness”. He went on to facetiously state that the professor had no place on today’s campuses, being an “unsafe place personified”.

    The professor in question is Carol Swain, a 61 year old African-American woman who grew up in poverty in Bedford, Virginia, dropped out of high school, and became a teenage divorced mother of three. Armed with only a GED certificate, she went on to graduate from Roanoke College cum laude with a degree in criminal justice, a master’s in law from Yale, and a doctorate in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She was a tenured associate professor at Princeton before moving to Vanderbilt. She has written a number of books, has won the Woodrow Wilson prize for the best book published on government, and has been cited by Supreme Court justices in their opinions.

    She was surprised by the protests, but tweeted that “only an idiot would think that a 61 year-old black woman … would benefit from sensitivity training”. Her perspective of academia has changed from viewing the university as a marketplace of ideas to a place where students seem to have inordinate power and where university administrators simply enforce political correctness.

    Considering what we have been seeing in various other universities around the country, including the University of California, I am inclined to agree with her.

    Think about it.

    Ron Koretz, P.M.

  • Fellowship Night at Ionic Composite Lodge No 520 (6/6/2017)

    Our Fellowship Night will be on June 19, 2017 at 7:15pm. Feel free to bring a drink of your choice to share with your brothers and friends. We will hang out, get to know each other in a non-lodge setting. We will give tours of the lodge, answer questions and talk about the future programming and direction of the lodge. Soft drinks and snacks will be provided.

    Open to all masons and men interested in joining.

  • Stated Meeting Dinner – June 5th 2017 (5/31/2017)

    Presided over by: W.M. Michael Bear
    You are cordially invited to the Stated Meeting Dinner at Ionic Composite No. 520. Dinner starts at 6pm followed by the open portion of the meeting. Reservations must be received by the end of the day on Wednesday of the prior week. Please call 310-657-2628, email or pay online.


    MAY MENU: Chinese beef, chicken, and veggies

    * Guests of the Master, and widows of Ionic Composite Lodge, who have not remarried, are free. Menu is Subject to Change. ** Guest who RSVP and do not cancel by to Friday before the Stated Meeting will be billed regardless of attendance.

  • Dream Field dedication at Darby Park – Inglewood (5/22/2017)

    May 20th 2017 Worshipful Mike Bear, PM, and Bernie Morse, PM represented the Masons of California at the 46th and 47th LA Dodger Foundation Dreamfield Dedication.

    The Masons of California are a sponsor of the Dreamfield program. It is a program dedicated to converting aging ball fields into beautiful grass fields with new electronic scoreboards.

    Checkout the event!!!

  • Highlight on Relief: Masonic Senior Outreach Services (4/24/2017)

    Masonic Senior Outreach Services (MSOS) provides ongoing geriatric care management, at no cost, to California Master Masons, their wives, widows and mother with a demonstrated need. Needs include, but are not limited to: social isolation and lack of local social support, health and wellness issues, unsafe plans for aging and confusion about care planning. MSOS Care Managers work regionally, maintaining regular visit schedules and telephone contact to continuously assess elders’ health, financial, social and mental status. Financial aid is also need-based and offered to California Master Masons in Good Standing for the five consecutive years prior to applying for aid, who are age 60 or older, 55 or older and permanently disabled. The amount of financial aid is determined by need and will change as needs change. In establishing your budget, MSOS considers public benefits and support available from family and lodge. Masons and their families receiving MSOS financial aid sign an Agreement to Repay, which states that monies expended will be repaid if circumstances change and they have the financial means to do so. Repayment monies are placed back into a general fund for the future relief of Masons and families in distress.

  • Highlight on Relief: Masonic Center for Youth and Families (MCYAF) (4/24/2017)
    The Masonic Center for Youth and Families (MCYAF) improves the quality of life for children and youth – ages 4 to 24 – who are struggling with behavioral and emotional health issues, as well as serving the whole family. MCYAF is a leading provider and partner in family-centered therapeutic services, serving Masonic and non-Masonic-affiliated families alike. MCYAF offers children and their families therapeutic services and psychological assessment, with Centers in San Francisco and Covina, connected to local services statewide. Affordability and accessibility guarantees that Masonic families have access to the highest quality of services available. Fees are determined on an individual basis and are based on ability to pay. Sliding scale fees are applied for families needing a reduction in cost. Additionally, Masonic families are given an additional reduction in fee. No Masonic family will be turned away based on their ability to pay. MCYAF’s belief is that, “Any door is the right door” and Masons may be referred by Lodge Leadership or their brethren. They can call the Masonic Assistance line or MCYAF’s own toll free number at (877) 488-6293.
  • Think About It (May 2017 (4/23/2017)

    Katrine Kirsebom and Corinne Hindes are two women who live in Walnut Creek, California and are avid skiers. They made two observations several years ago that resulted in a common cause. The first was that, at the end of the ski season, a lot of clothing was being discarded at their ski resort. The second was that there were homeless people in Walnut Creek who did not have suitable clothing for the winter. Combining these two facts, these women solicited the assistance of the ski resort to donate the used clothing to the homeless. Over the next few years, they enlisted more and more ski resorts as participants.

    In fact, the flood of used clothing became too much for just Walnut Creek, and the operation spread over the entire bay area. Katrine and Corinne now work with 26 resorts in 12 states, have enlisted hundreds of teenage ambassadors, run sock drives and recently expanded their give-aways to include personal care items They make regular trips to larger cities, distributing the clothing to a number of homeless shelters and even personally delivering jackets, scarves, and other such materials directly to people on the street.
    These two have created a non-profit organization to solicit donations from the public. The organization is known as Warm Winters, and its website is One can go to that site and read, or even hear and visualize, many of the testimonials that have been collected. Warm Winters has been recognized nationally by a number of groups that foster public service, including the receipt of national awards.

    More importantly, Katrine and Corinne’s overriding message is not just clothing or other material gifts. They are trying to treat each homeless person as a real human being rather than just an object to be sidestepped or avoided on the street; their eye contacts and smiles of engagement are their real focus. Katrine and Corinne both understand that, while homeless individuals often have significant medical and psychological problems, they are fundamentally still people, with the same needs and aspirations as those of us who are not living in such poor conditions have.

    The thing that caught my attention about this particular non-profit was the enthusiasm and energy of the two founders. You see, they began this project about six years ago, when they were both eleven years old. You are never too young to do the right thing.

    Think about it.
    Ron Koretz, P.M.

  • Masonic Information Night (2/25/2017)

    Please come to our Masonic Information Night on Monday, February 27, 2017 at 7:15 pm. It is open to Masons, non-Masons and ladies. Please bring your relatives and friends to an informative evening.